Health Is Wealth & Mood


So recently my whole life has changed due to “me” wanting to be more positive and less anxious (impossible but trying my best!). Since a young age I have had an issue with my nerves, meaning I would get upset pretty easily. So now I have turned my life around its been about 20 plus days that I started treating my body a little more better! I started to eat more organic and less GMO’S which now at days its almost IMPOSSIBLE to find “real” food to eat….! I am pretty sure the fruit and veggies I eat are also not “natural” but what can we do, not everybody has the space to grow their own food(s) but if THEY DO THEN THEY SHOULD! I also started getting into vegeterianism and started to incorporate the following in my diet: Cacao Raw Powder, Maca Raw Powder, Hemp Powder, Camu Camu Powder…

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