He Carried My Shame in His Crown of Thorns. (2012)

Inspire Hope, Beauty for ashes.

The consequence of sin is death. Sin, condemnation, guilt and shame are all weapons used by satan and his demons to steal kill and destroy us. Sin is always followed by the guilt, condemnation, and shame (among other things) those three things tie us to our sin, and sin ties us to those three things. It’s an endless cycle that leads to death. Our good intentions and even our good deeds do not free anyone from the guilt of sin. Everyone sins. Everyone is guilty. So what then? Do we live and die in the devils cycle? The only way out of this death trap is Jesus Christ, He is our Lord and savior. There are natural consequences to sin. Its hard because acceptiong the natural consequences can come with a certain level of guilt and shame. You can accept the responsibilities of your actions without accepting the guilt and…

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