Exploring Mark 11

Gleaning The Scriptures

In this study we go through Mark 11 section-by-section. Note that these accounts are not always in chronological order, but are sometimes written in an order that specifically discusses a few different points that are intimately connected, as tangential as they may seem. In this chapter the events that are discussed are:

  • Yeshua riding a donkey
  • Yeshua withers a fig tree
  • Yeshua spends all day at the Temple
  • Yeshua further discusses the lesson of the withered tree
  • Yeshua’s authority is directly questioned in His own Father’s house

His Name is YESHUA

When most of us think of a donkey we may think of Balak & Balaam’s escapades. Let’s pave the way to consider another donkey circumstance that is much more closely related to Yeshua’s ride than the trappings of Balak & Balaam: Yeshua’s crucifixion is soon coming. He announced that He will be murdered before they head into Jerusalem (pretty much the only place…

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