Expectation vs. Reality

Idealistic Reality

Date: 12/16/15

A Letter to Who I Thought You Were

Letting go of something you never truly had is impossible. In order to let go, you must have first obtained it – first have had something to hold on to. So, how exactly does this work?

I never really had you. I only had the idea of who you were. I had the hopes, the desires, the over-analyzed moments, I, wrongly, had the expectations. You were my prince, my knight, my dream man…but were you really?

Expectations are a funny thing.

You can think and think and think and build someone up, turning them into an ideal, rather than seeing them for their reality. That is where I went wrong. I dreamt, I fantasized, I thought, I plotted, I discussed – not who you were, but who I had hoped that you would be.

You were supposed to be the…

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