Empathy is Everything (August 30, 2017)

ChristforAllLivesMinistry (C.A.L.M.)

What is the true essence of therapy? What is a key aspect in loving? What is understanding? The answer to these questions is an ability within self that requires learning and growing, this ability is empathy.

Empathy has always been a very intriguing aspect to myself, analyzing empathy when you break down the definition of empathy, and the traits that create empathy the feelings are wholesome.

Love is a trait that is vital in reaching empathy at its fullest potential. Without love one can not feel how another person is experiencing their emotions, thus limiting empathy’s potential, limiting highest potential for effective treatment.

In Psychology we are taught empathy is everything. One of a therapists’ key traits that are needed in treatment is empathy, if a client does not believe the therapist understands him or her, the client can feel as if the therapist does not believe in him or…

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