Difficult times will come. Revelation 6:12-17 and the sixth seal.

A voice in the wilderness

Do you understand why I am writing about the Revelation and trying to explain it?

It is because, I, like you, wanted to understand what was going on around me. Having grown up I church I have heard every absurd teaching – some not so ridiculous, but I could not comprehend nor remember what they said; and, none of it made sense. My attempts at understanding the prophetic aspects of the bible, were, for years, like swimming in dirty water, the more you move about in it, the muddier it gets.

One day, many years ago, after my life collapsed around me, I had to move back in with the parents. I was walking back to my room after a shower and my father was watching Glenn Beck, when he was still on Fox news, he interviewed the author Joel Richardson. Joel was talking about his recent book, The…

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