Byproduct Or Product You Can Buy: Humility Beyond The Meme

James Edward Sharp

In a world of connectivity and quick communication, it can be hard for us to take time to be reminded of the things that matter. It is difficult sometimes to remember that it is permissible and possible for us to think in nuanced ways which take time to explore. It is strange that the easiest answers can be spelled out and listed with alliteration yet we fail to do even these. Or worse, we find that once they’re done often we have the empty shell of something resembling that which we wish we sill had. To think in terms of continuums and lifespan isn’t practical enough in today’s world but nevertheless, that’s gonna be the gist here but please don’t X out of this tab.

We all have moments of clarity which we cannot attribute to ourselves. In the retelling of such moments, they become sensationalized events. This is not…

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