Be Not Conformed…

Soul On Rice

Most people are conditioned to strive toward social acceptance. The American convict (or ex-convict), though ostracized, is no exception. That’s the power of mental conditioning; The ex-convict seeks the approval and acceptance of the exact people who sent him into exile, the same people who disapproved of his actions to such a degree that they thought it appropriate and justifiable to banish him from his hometown and lock him in a cell. Still, he’s released and, because of the punishment he’s suffered for his decision to run afoul of the law, now desires to walk in ways that society deems acceptable. You see, committing a crime –to them- means you hadn’t been conditioned enough to fall in line with society’s agreed-upon rules, so you’re locked in a cage to “think about what you did,” and maybe, just maybe, the torture, the hardship, the embarrassment, will give you that extra push…

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