Love Conquers All

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Love conquers INABILITY, if you love something enough you reject impossibilities and refuse to say it can’t be done
Love conquers INFERIORITY, if you love yourself, you believe in yourself, you know you can do all things
Love conquers POVERTY, because I love others and care for people I’ll get a job
Love conquers INEQUALITY, I can celebrate your success because I see myself as a success. Colour don’t change anything, confidence does.
Love conquers NEGATIVITY, when you love God and his world you don’t complain about life. Life is a gift for those who appreciate it, and a dead end fir those who don’t value it.
Love is the answer, the solution, the medication, for the haters, the moaners, the complainers and the loners.
Love says yes I can, love says yes I’ll forgive love says yes I’ll live again, rise again…

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