Trust Is The Key

Thank You LORD!

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And from the Voice Within: Trust is the key between the physical lifetime lived with certainty in the Good, or God, that is available to everyone and the spirit who wants a lifetime that expresses its potential.

When I get in my vehicle, turn the key, the vehicle starts – I push the gas petal and I’m on my way. I KNOW this process is what is required to MOVE in the direction I want.For sure Ido not know the mechanics of operation”– however, I have come to TRUST that each time I need to go somewhere that my vehicle will get me there. My part is to TURNTHE KEY to initiate the process. Then follow my God-mind “Voice Within” nudges to deliver me to my desired destination. [The capitalized words are also what is required to put God’s Principles into motion.]

To “KNOW”(means…

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