The blood of Jesus is the only blood that can wash away our sin.

Thank You JESUS! Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus

Spirit of truth

In the world we are today there are soap producers each one of them claim their product is the best although both washes stain from whatever you are using the soap to wash.

In the respect of this,. in the same world we are there happen to be alot of religion who in their own eye there’s something reserved that can wash away their sin, garment in fact the funnest part of it is some are using scripture as a backup but not of the provision God has made that’s the Blood of Jesus. But the truth is that Gods standard is always sure made a provision for those that come to Jesus and believe in Him through through His blood not only are taking away sham, pain, guilt, poverty, sorrow, strive, devilish convenant, courses………are remove. So what ever you believe on that can take your sin and guilt is…

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