Wonders of God’s divine contact part 2, sermon and prayer points by Pastor E A Adeboye


Text: Isaiah 41:10-13

A second contact with God leads to Promotion.

God is the Promoter and He can promote the least likely.
1 Samuel 2:8, Mark 7:32-37

Our God is also perfect.
James 1:17

Why do you need a second touch/contact?

  • Because there are advantages in being on top.
  • Those who are beneath will drink from the water the one who is on top has washed in.
  • It is not a pleasant thing to be at the bottom.
  • God said you shall be the head and not the tail. Exodus 4:1-4
  • We need a second touch so that we can be promoted.
  • God wants you to be promoted.
  • There is always room at the top and you can be the best of the best. Daniel 6:1-3

A third encounter/touch from God will give you perfection. Mark 3:1-5

  • When God heals you, He heals you completely and perfectly. Mark 8:22-25
  • Healing is good but recreation is better because it will give you perfection. 2 Kings 5:1-14, Exodus 14:1-48

Some examples of those who had multiple contacts with God:

  1. Moses
  • His 1st contact with God through the burning bush. Exodus 3:1-15
  • His 2nd contact was God speaking with him. Exodus 19:1-9, 33:10-11
  • His 3rd contact was a glimpse of God’s glory. Exodus 33:18-33, 34:29-35
  1. Elisha
  • 1st contact. 1 Kings 19:19-21
  • 2nd contact. 2 Kings 2:5-15
  • 3rd contact. 2 Kings 3:12-15
  1. Peter
  • 1st Contact . Luke 5:1-11
  • 2nd contact
  • 3rd contact was on the day of Pentecost.
    Acts 2:1-41

Is perfection possible?

  • The Word of God says the Lord will perfect all that concerns you. Psalm 138:8
  • You can ask the Lord to perfect all that concerns you. John 16:24

Prayer Point:

Cry to the Lord and tell Him you want a second contact with Him for promotion and a third contact for perfection.

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