God’s solution for a sick nation


Song:- all thanks we give to you Lord, all thanks we give to you Lord, all thanks we give to you Lord , we give to you Lord, we give to you Lord ...

Prayer:- Father thank you for another day that you have made us to see, thank you for watching over us glory to your name in Jesus name amen.

Topic God’s Solution for a Sick Nation.

Text 2 Chronicles 7 : 14
If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will i hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
The condition in our country to day can not be solved by human means only, it will need a divine help from God to bring back this country to being a God fearing country.
Jesus said in John 15 : 5b without me you can do nothing
This bible verse in 2 chronicle started by saying, if my people, and we know that as Christians, we are little Christ or Christ like people, Covenant people which are called by his name, this is not refering to everybody in the country, is only the covenant people, if they should humble themselves,
Now there are 4 key points here (1) humble, (2) pray (3) seek his face, seeking the face of God is more deeper than praying (4) turning from their wicked ways, then God will visit to fulfill his promise of forgiving and healing the land. Is only those that met the conditions of this verse that will experience the promise mentioned here.
My prayer is that God will hear the prayer of his people in Nigeria and heal our sick nation. James 5: 16

Father have mercy on our country Nigeria.

Father forgive our individual and our collective sins including the sins of our founding fathers.

Father help us to turn away from our wicked ways which include taking what does not belong to us, corruption, bloodshed, injustice etc in Jesus name

Father remove every plant that you have not planted as leaders in Nigeria.

Father deliver Nigeria from the hand of evil men and women in Jesus name.

Father by your power clean up all blood sucking demon in the form human in Nigeria and all their sponsors in Jesus name.

Father bring to an end every wickedness of the wicked in Nigeria whether they are leaders or followers.

Father please heal Nigeria and the people of Nigeria in Jesus name Amen.

We sprinkle the blood of Jesus all over the country of Nigeria as the blood of a new covenant in Jesus name amen.

We also sprinkle the blood of Jesus on all our family members and other members of the Church of God as the year is coming to an end as a mark of protection in Jesus name amen.

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