Bargain For Peace, I am lost without you Lord by Omoniyi Mayowa Temitope

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Bargain for peace

I was lying on my bed sometime ago and was completely lost in thought about the world and the hopeless pursuit going on around.

Of course, I had taken God out of the equation. I wasn’t interested in viewing anything from religious perspective…I asked so many questions. What if I wasn’t born into a Christian family? Would I still know God as I know him now?
How am I so sure what I call the right way is indeed the right way? Isn’t it because that’s what I have always been taught? What if I was brought up as a Buddhist? Would I know the difference?
Who created religion? I hissed and tried to focus on why I was all alone in this dark room unable to sleep.
I decided I was going to abandon all my religious affiliation and live my life as I wanted.

Peace was so far away from me and there was this evil foreboding all around ready to engulf me. I could feel the pangs in my soul. I was afraid about everything…my life was falling apart and I was so helpless. I had prayed and praised but all my theology wasn’t helping at all. It is over, I said.
Now we have to do it my own way.

At that point, one presenter on Inspiration 92.3FM decided to play Micheal Smith’s song “Breathe” …the part that struck me was “And I…I am desperate for you…I am lost without you”
I rolled off my bed and tried to switch off the radio, as I scrambled trying to locate it, Cece Winans came on singing “Don’t think for a moment I never felt the pain…it wasn’t easy but it was worth it”

I hesitated and listened to the song till it ended. I had it on my phone so I played it over and over again until tears filled my eyes.
I picked up my pen and wrote a poem with the same title “It wasn’t easy but it was worth it”

On that day, I received the gift of calmness in the face of anything that may happen to me. It may not be palatable but it wasn’t easy for him too why should I complain.
Romans 8:28 became my favorite verse in the Bible, “For we know that all things work together for good for those that love him, those called according to his purpose.”
Even when I fail him, the anchor of his love never left me. “We have an anchor that keeps the soul steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the rock which cannot move, grounded firm and deep in the savior’s love.”

Now like Wale Adenuga sang “I fail to worry about the things I see, I have my peace, I have my joy, even when say to me boy you are slow, I have my peace, I have my joy.

This is the secret. I have been taken through a rough road where I lost everything but one person in my mind. We got to the market place and I bargained for peace.

And He said “Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.”

The hollowness, emptiness and hopelessness that you are feeling is because you have allowed something or someone outside of you to be the source of your joy, peace and security.
An idea, a norm, a religious view, an expectation has been sold into your mind but today I am bringing you to that market place…bargain for peace. Hand over all other packages.
Let it all go.

You are peaceful not because something bad hasn’t happened; you are peaceful because peace resides in your heart. It is a choice you have to make.

I pray for you that God will take away anything or anyone disturbing your peace, In Jesus name.

Bargain for eternal peace, make a decision for Jesus.


Omoniyi T.M

Repost every year…written years ago but I believe it’ll bless someone

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