The Bright and Morning Star, Sermon and prayer points by Pastor E A Adeboye

Text: Matthew 25:1-13

Pastor E A Adeboye

For any lamp to run at all, there must be oil in the lamp.
To keep burning, you must keep refilling.
Matthew 25:7-9
That you were full of the Holy Spirit yesterday, that’s no excuse for not refilling today.

It is what is in you that will determine how far you go.
You are young and strong. You have a long journey ahead of you. Keep your tank full and keep refilling.
John 6:53-56
If you eat and keep on drinking, you will be shining till the last day.
Romans 8:11

As Jesus shines, so shall you shine.
We have come today to partake of his body, for life, health and strength. We have come to drink His blood for fire.

Tonight, we have come to eat that food that will give you strength, health and life.
In the mighty Name of Jesus, you will continue to shine.

Prayer points
-Thank Him for how far He has brought you. Thank Him for a new beginning.
-When you eat the bread, pray that God will make you whole and strong so you can serve Him better.
When you drink the wine;

  • Cry unto the Almighty God to refill your lamp and set you on fire for Him.
    -Cry unto God that you want to be shining forever, and that He will grant your request tonight.

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