The Battle Belongs To God

Worship Song:

You are Yahweh by Steve Crown  

And O give thanks unto the Lord

For He is good,         

 Yes He is good

So good, so good

He is good,

 Yes He is good

 Bible Text: 2Chron20:1-30


Let us appreciate God for grace to see the first day of the new month of October 2020. It is also the last quarter of the year. God has been good. His mercies endures forever. He has sustained us despite the ravages of Covid-19 pandemic.

Our God deserves all the glory and praise. Father, we give all praise and honour and glory to Your holy name. Accept our worship in the name of Jesus.


King Jehoshaphat heard reports of attack from the children of Moab, Ammon and some others.

What is your reaction when you hear evil news? Who do you go to?

1. Your father or mother or other men

2. Your possession

3. An idol

4. Surrender to fear and become paralysed figuratively.

Fear is of the devil. We are told there are atleast 365 ‘fear nots’ in the Bible. The Bible in 2Tim1:7 says God has not given us a spirit of fear (timidity) but a spirit of power, of love and sound mind (self discipline).

In Exodus14:10-14 , the Lord spoke to cowering, timid and fearful Israelites that they should not be afraid but stand firm so as to see the deliverance of the Lord. He said the threatening enemy will be no more by the time the Lord fights for His people.

In Isaiah4:10-13, the Lord through the Prophet Isaiah spoke to us that we should not fear. Why? Because He is with us, will strengthen us and help us. In Isaiah40:28-31, the Lord assures those who wait (hope) on him that He will renew their strength.

In Ps27:1, the Psalmist spoke about the need to be unfearful. Why? Because the Lord is our light and salvation, the stronghold of our life. In Heb13:5-6, God gave a promise never to leave or forsake us.

All the foregoing assure us that God’s way is not our way and He is always there to help us. Even where relatives and friends betray us as they did to Samson in Judges15:11-15 , the anointing of God upon you will break the yoke and set you free and make you victorious. The Bible says the spirit of the Lord (fire from heaven) fell on Samson. How do I know? How else does a rope become like charred flax. If not through burning by fire. Receive fresh fire every day of this month to destroy the yoke of the enemy in Jesus name Amen.

As I said earlier, who do you go to when you are in trouble or in need? WHO SHOULD YOU GO TO? OR WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?

I have a very direct and simple answer, Go to the One who is able, Who does not slumber or sleep. The conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah. The one that does not shy or run away from war (Arogunmatadi/Arogunmasa). The One who has never and will never lose a battle. The Ancient of days- The Alpha, Omega, All-knowing Creator, The Omnipresent and Omniscient God, the Creator, Provider, Defender, The Holy One of Israel, The Olowogbogboro, The Multibreasted One, All-Sufficient, The Deliverer.

Run to Him and like He did for wise Jehoshaphat, He will take over your battle.

A lot of times we fight the wrong foe. We think our mother-in-law or boss in the office is the problem.

Why not let the One who fights spiritually sift the wheat from the chaff for you. God knows the pretender (the Judas in the house). He will fish him out and deal with him/her/them. He will unmask the man wearing a mask and deceiving you. He will even make them turn against one another as He did for the enemies not Judah and Jehoshaphat. He did something similar too against a Syrian King called Sennacherib. The wise King Hezekiah took his case to the One who can help in the times of trouble and God not only sent an Angel who killed 185,000 soldiers of the enemy in one night, He also made the king (Sennacherib) hear evil report from home, which report made him go back home where his own children conspired and killed him. You can see the story in 2Kings19.

In conclusion, we need to give our battles to God. He is All-knowing and is capable. Eph3:20. He can do exceedingly above what we expect.


1. It is our nation’s 60th Independence Anniversary from colonial rule, let us use Is49:24-25, Is49:8-11, Is45:1-3 and Is44:1-3 to pray for Nigeria.

2. Father, in this new month and the remaining days of this year uphold me when I pass through difficulties. Let not the rivers overflow me, let me not be burnt in the fire of life.

3. Father, during this last quarter of the year, bring a total end to the menace of Covid-19 pandemic. Release us into a glorious new season.

4. *Ex33:14- Father , in this new month, let Your presence go with me and my loved ones. Please give us Your peace.

God bless you.

Happy Independence Anniversary

Happy New Month

Thank You For Studying And Sharing With Other People. God Bless You

God Loves You

Thank You Jesus.

Father! In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ Your Son! We Cover Your Son Pastor E A Adeboye With The Precious Blood Of Jesus! He Shall Finish Strong, To Your Glory Through Christ Jesus Our Lord And Saviour! Amen!

May God Bless Israel, Nigeria, And America And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!

May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!

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