Greater power made available for every child of God

Oh, what a wonderful wonderful day
Day I will never forget
After I wandered in darkness away
Jesus my savior I met
O what a tender compassionate friend,
He met the need of my heart,
Shadows dispelling, with joy I am telling
He made all the darkness depart.

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
When at the cross the Savior made me whole
My sins He washed away, and my night He turned to day,
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
Brethren, we bless God for today, let us enter His presence with thanksgiving.

Father, we thank You for life, for your abundant mercies and grace unto this new day. We thank you Lord for salvation through the blood of the Lamb. Father we thank You for all Your protection, provision, and preservation in recent times. We are grateful for all faithfulness over us, our loved ones, livelihoods, your Church, and our nation. We declare that You are the Almighty God who can do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask or think, according to the power that works in us. In Jesus name we pray. (Eph3.20)

Brethren, today let us meditate on, and align our prayers with the great power of our God.

What is power? Power is the ability, or capacity to DO, to ACCOMPLISH, to DIRECT, INITIATE outcomes.

Power is often not visible or tangible to our human eyes/senses, but its workings and results are self-evident. Eg Electric power in a light bulb. Fire on the sacrifice by Elijah on Mount Carmel.

Demonstration of God’s power abounds through the Bible:

•Creation of the earth Gen 1
•Annihilation of Evil Pursuers in Red Sea Exodus14
•Demolition of barriers into Jericho Joshua 6 v1-27
•Abundant fruitfulness after barrenness 1 Sam1
•Miraculous provision for widow of Zarephath 1 Kings17h
•Restoration of status/ sound mind of Nebuchadnezzar Daniel 4v 34-37
•Preservation from appointment with death – fire/ lion’s den Daniel 3v8-25, 6v21
•Forgiveness of sin/healing of paralytic Luke 5v17-26
•Rescue from hopelessness/healing at Pool of Bethesda John5v1-15
•Ransom from grave of son of widow of Nain Luke7v11-17
•Resurrection/Restoration of life after death and burial John11v 38-44

Our Lord God is the Omnipotent. There is no limit to the extent of His Power.

To whom is this power available? It is available to us who BELIEVE.
God’s power is available to all who acknowledge His mercy and grace, and tremble at His Word. We are instructed to come boldly to the Throne of Grace for mercy in time of need.

Jesus Christ admonished that we believe:
John 11 v 40 Jesus said to her,’’ Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?

Mark 9 v23-24 “Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes’. Immediately, the father of the child cried out and said with tears, ‘Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”

In our Christian race wavering levels of faith and unbelief may creep in at different junctions especially at a season like this. Today brethren let us pray for:

  • greater faith,
  • help for any unbelief, and
  • boldness to always approach the Throne of Grace.

Father I thank you for the opportunity to share your Word again today. I am grateful for salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, and the privilege to come boldly to Your Throne of Grace.

•Father, in Jesus name I ask for a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit. For the Spirit of knowledge and the Spirit of understanding.

•Father, in Jesus name please let Your Spirit impart unto me revelation and wisdom in the exceeding greatness of Your Power available to me as I believe and exercise faith. (Ephesians1v17– may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him——v19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power,—)

•Father, in Jesus name I ask for a deepening of my faith, boldness and confidence to pray and to declare always as King Asa did that “ it is nothing for You to help” (2 Chronicles 14v11).

•Father in Jesus name, let my cry come unto You today, by the greatness of Your Power please preserve to Your own glory all or anything appointed to die this season: persons, livelihoods, marriages, relationships etc.( Psalm 79v11)

•Father, in Jesus name by Your Great Power please ransom us from every grave; personal, business, relationships, marriages, and national. (Hosea 13v14)

•Father in Jesus name, please as only You can, in this month of fruitfulness and beyond, give abundant increase to every planting, labour, and watering. In Your Great Power let unsearchable increase, bountiful harvest, multiplication, and fruitfulness burst forth on me, my loved ones, Your Church and in our nation. (Gen 26v12, 1Corin 3 v6-8)

•Father, I ask for power to live victoriously and end well to Your Glory.

•Everlasting Father we thank You for answered prayers. For the testimonies of Your Great Power, and for Your mercies and Grace unto eternity. (1John 5 v14)


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