Who initiates reconciliation in your marriage? By Pastor Magnus Maduka


We will be playing the ostrich if we say that spouses don’t have misunderstandings, no matter how mild. Misunderstandings happen because spouses will not always see things from the same perspective. When differences in perspectives come out and we, somehow, allow these differences lead to misunderstandings, who then initiates reconciliation?

Whoever chooses to initiate reconciliation is the more mature one and God blesses the peacemaker. Now, this is not to condemn the spouse who doesn’t initiate reconciliation, but simply to highlight that initiating reconciliation is a sign of maturity. Always strive to look for reconciliation when there are differences in opinion. Remember, anything can lead to a major showdown between a couple, so I pray that we will be smarter than the enemy when there are misunderstandings.

Take it as your duty to initiate reconciliation and respond well if your partner does. Reconciliation should be a project for both of you and the option of a breakdown of the marriage should not even cross your minds. A stable home is much more important than trying to prove your spouse wrong. When you succeed in proving that you are right, you may have just won the battle, but you can win a battle and lose the war of having a happy home.

In conclusion, the devil does all he can to destroy marriages because marriages remind him of the relationship between Christ and the Church; this is why a lot of marriages are under attack. I pray that your family will be heaven on earth and that you and your spouse will be best of friends in the name of Jesus.

Have a wonderful marriage!

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