Believers that believe God loves Jesus more than them have been wrongly taught. Sermon by Pastor Magnus Maduka

John 17:23, Romans 8:17, 1 John 4:17, John 12:24

Pastor Magus Maduka

A big secret satan wants to keep from you, throughout your sojourn on earth, is that God loves every believer just as much as He loves Jesus.

God, desiring to have many more sons and daughters, gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, so as to raise them, as we find in John 3:16. Jesus also illustrated His purpose on earth (raising children for His Father) in John 12:24.

Sadly, the devil found some ministers of the gospel his unwilling albeit noncommissioned agents for teaching that God loves Jesus more than believers, who are joint heirs with Jesus. They do not say that directly but their body language does that eloquently. Giving the impression that a church leader is superior in the sight of God to the church members shows that such leaders imagine God loves Jesus more than others. Jesus Himself debunked that spiritual fallacy in John 17:23.

Have you heard the melodious song: JESUS NA THE ONLY SON OF GOD O, EWO…..KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORD O, EWO …..? Nice melody but may God deliver us from melodies that are orchestrated by the devil! That song is a satanic rumour that negates our sonship!

What’s my point? Knowing that God loves you just as much as He does Jesus blesses you with the boldness and audacity in the place of prayers and in how you live. Satan can’t stand that. The titles we carry, Primate, Bishop, Evangelist, Pastor etc mean nothing to satan. The believers he dreads are those who know who they are in Christ.

Please come to Jesus today and become like Him in the sight of God, the devil and his cohorts.

It’s a great Sunday !


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