Don’t doubt God’s leading because of trials and challenges, stay there, you will see His glory burst forth out of the darkness

I woke up as usual around 4:00am for my personal time and I saw the curtains were down. It was shortly after our relocation to Sagamu from Lagos 4 years ago.

I was wondering what happened, then I noticed the house was a bit disorganized. I looked at where I kept my laptop and phones, all were gone!

My laptop bag was gone with all my IDs and some documents. The only cash we had that I withdrew the previous day was also gone with the bag.

I had to wake my wife up and the young ladies that were with us in the house. And we started noticing things that were missing.

The most painful part was the laptop. Remember I had resigned from my workplace, the files that I lost!

I had completed some books and many articles that I wrote that were yet to be published.

I had completed a story that I started on Facebook in 2012 after struggling because the original completed story also went with a stolen phone.

My writing muse just shut down completely. A part of me was very angry and another part felt love for the person. So I asked my wife to let us pray for the person. Yes, pray for the person!

Why am I sharing this story?

Someone would be thinking, how will you follow God and your house got burgled…

Read the story of Apostle Paul, you will see that you can even follow God and end up in the prison…lol

Sometimes when you follow God’s leading, it doesn’t mean all will go well, all the way storms will rise against you. Demons may perform tricks to discourage and frustrate you, but just laugh at the devil. Let worship rise out of every thing you may be going through.

Never give the devil worship through your complain and sadness.

Even in that unfavourable circumstance, let there be praise.


To someone out there, this is an encouragement for you, don’t doubt God’s leading because of trials and challenges, stay there, you’ll see His glory burst forth out of the darkness.

Sing with me this song by Rev Chris Delvan “Out of the ashes of my dying today, I see a breaking of a brand new day, in which the name of the Lord alone is glorified, I see a breaking of a brand new day.”


Omoniyi Temitope Mayowa
September, 2019
Sagamu, Ogun State.

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