Now or never

Ecclesiastes 3:1-“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

One lesson to be taken away from the present crisis, is to learn to do things at the right time. When we fail to do what we ought to do at the right time, we may lose the opportunity to do it forever, as unforeseen events or circumstances may suddenly occur that may take matters out of our control.

Procrastination or unnecessary delay, is a potential destiny destroyer. A window of opportunity may close permanently. Government policies may change. Contacts may leave office. Market indices may change fundamentally. ill-health may occur. Age may creep in. Death may suddenly happen. Whereas, if we had acted timeously, none of these things would have mattered. This is why our approach to the things that matter in life must be ‘now or never’. Not in terms of desperation or getting them done by illegitimate means, but in terms of prompt and decisive action. No matter how brilliant an idea or noble an intention may be, if we fail to act on it when we should, tomorrow may be too late.

Procrastination is a thief of time according to the old saying. For example, if there’s someone you can help during this crisis, and you fail to do so, you may never get the chance to help such a fellow again, because he or she may never need your help after now. So, whatever you know you should do, do it NOW. Strike the iron when it’s still hot!

In Luke 9:59-62, Jesus called two men to discipleship, but both gave excuses. One said he wanted to first go bury his father. The other said he wanted to first go bid his family farewell. We never heard of them again. That was how they both lost forever, the opportunity of being counted among the disciples of Jesus. Delay or postponement can shipwreck the greatest of destinies. May that not be your portion, in Jesus name. Amen.

In Mark 10:46-52, Jesus was passing by, on the road to Jericho. There were beggars lining the route. Among them was Blind Bartimaeus. He cried out to Jesus for help but the crowd shouted him down. Instead of succumbing to the intimidation of the crowd, he cried out the more, until Jesus heard and opened his blind eyes.

Bartimaeus knew that his miracle was ‘now or never’, because Jesus may never pass that route again! May you not miss your miraculous moment for fear of being intimidated or embarrassed.

Sin has destroyed many lives, because they failed to heed the warning of God’s word to repent before it is too late. Even when their conscience tells them it is time to stop, they would decide to ‘go one more time’, like Samson. Unfortunately, it may turn out to be a deadly last outing. May you never embark on a journey of no return in Jesus name. Now is the time to bid secret sin and unrighteousness final farewell.

On his sick bed, stared in the face by death, Steve Job, co-founder of Apple, wished he had spent more time with his family, instead of spending all his time in pursuit of wealth and success. In the end, wealth and success could not buy him health and happiness. If you fail to nurture and spend quality time with your family now, you may look back in future only to find yourself surrounded by familiar strangers rather than loved ones. For that not to be your portion, NOW is the time to build a robust and loving family with some intentionality.

With the lockdown that covid-19 has wrought on everyone, many are regretting their failure to do certain things or put certain plans in order before the lockdown. When we delay or constantly postpone what we ought to do, we unnecessarily postpone the future, giving room to the danger of never realizing that future, because the future is not in our control. That is why we must have a ‘now or never’ attitude to the important issues of our lives. Jesus said in John 9:4: “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

The story of Apostle Peter’s life would not have been so glorious had he not had the courage to abandon his breakthrough (haul of fish), to follow Jesus, Luke 5:11. It was a huge risk, but Peter knew it was his ‘now or never’ moment. The ability to recognize your ‘Now or Never’ moment can make the difference in your entire life. When to marry. When to start to have children. When to start to invest. When to change careers or quit paid employment. When to accept salvation. When to leave a toxic relationship.

It is by vigilance, spiritual discernment, faith and the ability to act decisively, that you can ensure that you don’t miss your ‘Now or Never’ moments. May your season of glory not pass you by. May you not look back in your final hours with regret, because of things you know you ought to have done, but failed to do. It is the same reason why the cemetery is the richest place on earth-full of unrealiazed potentials due to delays and procrastination. May God give you the willingness and the courage to make the most of your best seasons and moments in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Have a lovely week and God be with you.


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