God will remember you

TEXT: Gen 8:1-3; Ps. 106:4

Ps. 106:4 Remember me, Lord, when You show favour to your people; visit me with your salvation.


Good morning brethren. I welcome you to the month of May. The month grace and favour. I pray that the favour of God will open uncommon doors of blessings for you this month in Jesus name.

When you ask God to remember you, it does not mean that God has loss of memory. He does not forget things. Is. 49:16-18

When God remembers someone, it means He will bring that person to mind and act on the person’s behalf. It’s like working on a file that has been abandoned for sometime. I pray that God will ‘work on your file’ before the end of this month in Jesus name. Ps. 106:4


From our text, Noah, his family members and a pair of all kinds of animals were in the ark because of the flood for a couple of months. Whether Noah was praying or not, we we’re not told. What we know from the passage, however, is that God remembered Noah.

Since different countries all over the world went into a lockdown mode a few months back, it seemed to a lot of people that the world is at a standstill. I want to remind you that our God can bring everything to a standstill but He continues to make things happen.

Whenever God remembers someone, that person becomes transformed for good. Some of the things that can happen when God remembers anyone include:

1. An end to reproach.

A reproach is a shameful, unpleasant situation that you cannot hide because people know about it already.

The story of Hannah in 1 Sam.1 is a good example. Though her husband prefered her to Penninah and did everything humanly possible to please her, the reproach of barrenness was killing her. She was sorrowful because she had become a laughing stock among the women of her time.

Then, God remebered her (1 Sam.1:19) and put a permanent end to her reproach (1 Sam. 1:27). The one who had no child soon became the mother of six children (1 Sam. 2:21).

There could be many sources/causes of reproach. It does not matter what your reproach is about, God will remember you before the end of this in Jesus name.

2. Fulfillment of destiny.

Often times, fulfilling destiny is like the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land. A journey of forty days took them forty months. Besides, a good number of them did not make it to the promised land, they died in the wilderness. That is not your portion in Jesus name (Jer. 29:11)

Joseph had a glorious future (Gen. 37), but he met destiny threatening obstacles at three key stages of his life – Pit (Gen. 37:22-29), Potiphar’s house (Gen. 39:1-11) and Prison (Gen. 39:19-29).

Under normal circumstances he had no chance of stepping out of that prison. But one day, God remembered him. One thing led to another and he found himself in the palace before Pharaoh. Before the end of that day he became the second in command to Pharoah (Gen. 41:1-44).

I pray that the Lord will remove every obstacle on your path and help you to reach your goals in life in Jesus name.

3. Freedom and restoration of losses.

Exodus is one of my favourite books in the bible and I love Moses, the key character. Oh, how he stood before Pharaoh and performed miracles that confounded the magicians of Egypt (Ex.7); how Pharaoh and the Egyptians suffered the plagues (Ex. 10-11); how they were in a haste to bless the Israelites so they could be free (Ex. 12: 30-36), how they pursued the Israelites through the Red Sea until they were drowned in it (Ex. 14:14-28) and how the Israelites crossed the Red sea into freedom (Ex. 15: 1-11).

Did you know that all these happened only because God remembered the children of Israel in Ex.3:9-10.

I decree that God will remember you this day and set you free from every fruitful labour. He will make you a master to your masters and restore every blessing the enemy has either stolen from you or denied you of in Jesus name. Joel 2:25-26

4. He changes death sentence and gives a new lease of life.

In Acts 12, Herod was on a mission against the children of God. He first killed James and moved on to Peter. The night preceding the day he would kill Peter, Herod tightened the security to ensure that Peter did not escape. That same night, God remembered Peter and sent an angel to rescue him (Acts 12:7-11). Without breaking any door, the angel breached the maximum security of Herod and rescued Peter.

Many people have death sentence hanging on their heads, some others are battling terminal diseases; many have death traps in the form of accidents, poisoning ahead. I pray that the Lord will remember everyone who is in any of these categories today and deliver from death in Jesus name. Ps. 79:11; Ps. 102:20; Hosea 13:14

5. He will give you a new beginning

In Gen. 8:1-22, the world was a lockdown situation similar to the lockdown in our world today. And God remembered Noah and gave him a brand new beginning. He decreed blessings upon him to be fruitful, to multiply and replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1-4) like he did for Adam in Gen. 1:26-28.

I have this witness in me that one of the reasons the world is going through this period of lockdown is that God wants to give some people opportunity to start on a clean slate.

Like in the days of Noah, God will keep you under the shadow of His wings (he kept Noah in the ark) and it shall soon be over (as the water assuaged for Noah) in Jesus name.

God will give you a new beginning of fellowship with Him, a new beginning of joy, a new beginning of testimonies, a new beginning of fruitfulness etc in Jesus name.


God can forgive your wickedness, and will remember your sins no more. Heb. 8:12.
The future is bright and quite promising for the children of God.
Please surrender or re-dedicate your life to Jesus today.
Tomorrow may be too late.
God bless you in Jesus name.


1. Thank God for He is good and His mercy endures forever. Praise and worship Him.

2. Pray that God will forgive your iniquities and remember your sins no more.

3. Pray that God will remember you today. Please be specific what you want Him to do for you.

God bless you.

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