Our marriages will work

Marriage is not a cure for loneliness.
Marriage is not a cure for horniness.
Marriage is not a cure for sadness.
Marriage is not a cure for emptiness.
Marriage is not a cure for brokenness.

If you get married expecting it to resolve all these issues, all you really did was make breaking up more expensive. Love is for everyone, but marriage is for the matured.

Instead of praying for an opportunity, first ask God to prepare you for the opportunity so that when you receive the blessing you can handle the measure of responsibility attached to it.

Many are asking for something that their character cannot maintain. Marriage is too big for you to enter into with little understanding.

Marriage is not an experiment. It’s a divine covenant that you enter into advisedly, soberly and reverently. You don’t get married to just try it out. You get married to LIVE IT OUT, WORK IT OUT AND LOVE IT OUT!!!

Many people have a plan to build, but not a strategy to sustain and maintain what they’ve prayed for. Longevity must be a part of the blueprint. If God’s kingdom is eternal, then what we build must be built on longevity in mind. It’s bigger than cosmetics and having a sexy curves and pretty face.

Anyone can engage. Anyone can elope. Anyone can exchange vows… but can you endure?

Forever is such a long time to be miserable!

Marriage is not an experiment. Don’t try it out. Go into it knowing this is what you want, where you want to be and who you want to be with or else your experiment will become an experience you desperately want to escape.

Everyone wants the wedding, but can you stand the marriage? Most of us only love based on condition and convenience.

Can you stand the test when God allows your marriage boat to rock just a little or will you jump ship?

You have to want more than just the pretty pictures. It’s about having something REAL AND WORTH PRESERVING.

Being married won’t heal you and being single won’t kill you. Don’t rush. Don’t force it. Don’t be desperate for it and don’t settle just for anyone.

A lot of people promise FOREVER until they realize how much work FOREVER is.

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