Spiritual evaluation

So I have been on a spiritual evaluation and development journey lately. Hence these are some of the questions I met on my way, and I thought to share, maybe it could help someone..

It’s high time we got sincere and real about these things….

Are we really living a Christ-like?

Are we really living without fear?

Are we really living in dominion?

Do we really know our God?

Can we really move mountains?

Are we really more than conqueror?

Does our flesh conquer our spirit more often?

Do we (still) have a prayer altar?

Do we really pray without ceasing?

Do we really know and fellowship with the holy spirit?

Does the holy spirit really dwell in us?

Do we really think it’s just enough to speak in tongues?

Are we really assured that the tongues we speak are fire filled?

Can we face and defeat the real attacks of the devil?

Can we pay the price like Christ and the disciples did ?

Are we really a living sacrifice unto God?

Do we still hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness?

Do we really intentionally worship God in spirit and in truth?

Are we just actors, acting like we are truly Christians ?

Why do we go to church?

Are we really blessed each time you go to church?

Do we come to church mandatorily or willfully?

Do we know exactly what our purpose is here in earth?

Have we carefully thought about the consequences of not fulfilling our Godly purpose?

Do we think we really need real HELP as a matter of fact?

Self reflect on these, find out your true answers and motive, that will enable you make the next decision……

Jesus loves you!

God bless you

Austines Ekezie

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