I love to praying by Pastor E A Adeboye

I love praying. I can pray for several hours, especially when I am on a prayer walk, but this wasn’t always so. When I became born again, I could hardly pray beyond 5 minutes, whereas the other people in Church will keep going on and on.

One day, I decided to eaves drop on a brother while he prayed. I discovered that for a 1 hour prayer for example, this brother would worship God for the first 50 minutes and then make his request in the last 10 minutes.

I adopted this same method, but little did I know that I had adopted an important principle to getting my prayers answered. As I went on in my prayer life, I started to discover other principles that not only assure me of answered prayers but also help speed up the answers.

By God’s grace and Hisgrace alone, today , I enjoy speedy answers to my prayers.

What I learnt from that brother was priceless, now I am paying it forward with this book. I want you to learn from me how to pray and get speedy answers to your prayers.
Henceforth, God will answer all your prayers by fire in Jesus’ name.


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