Tarrying in the upper room

To tarry is to wait, to linger, to remain or to sit back in expectations.

Upper room is an abode where God meets and communicate with his children.

It is a designated place where you commune with God daily .

It is room of transfiguration where you meet with God to study his word, meditate on the scriptures. It is a place where God reveals important things about your life and others to you.

When you tarry in the upper room, it means you are waiting on God in prayers.

When you tarry , you receive strength isaiah 40:30, you can also wait for provision psalm 62:5,

You can wait for direction proverbs 3:5-8. We can tarry for God’s will to be accomplished Hebrews 10-36.

It is beautiful to wait on the Lord.

We are all waiting on the Lord now in the world and I pray that he will answer us speedily in Jesus name, Amen!

We must tarry like Noah, he waited and later gained salvation for himself and his family.

Hanna got tired of her situation and she tarried at the upper room and her samuel came forth

King Solomon after his enthronement waited on the Lord and God blessed him

Daniel in Dan 9:3-19 waited on the Lord for Israel and God answered him .

Jonah in Jonah 2:1 prayed to the Lord from the belly of the fish and God answered.

Brethren, there is no better time to tarry than now and I pray that as we do the one who answered all these people of faith will answer us in Jesus name.

Brethren we must tarry to receive power from on high. Daddy GO told us the importance of tarrying during our just concluded conference.

We must give God our time. We must stay calm before him to receive instructions from him. You want to manifest the power of God, then patiently tarry at the upper room for the Lord’s arrival , obey all his instructions then you will be empowered to launch out.

God is always ready for those that request his attention. The question is are you ready? Isaiah 65:24. And it shall come to past that before they call I will Answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear.

Growing in the school of holiness requires persistent time alone with God.

Power and authority to wait patiently upon the Lord shall come upon us this season in Jesus name.

1 Father, grace and auction to tarry in the upper room release unto me in Jesus name.

2. Father, After the order of Samuel help me to remain calm to hear you clearly in Jesus name.

3. Father, incubate me with the grace to pray in Jesus name.

4. Father, help me to hear you clearly as tarry in your presence in Jesus name .

5. Father , please reveal deep secrets to me as I tarry before you in Jesus name.

6. Father, as I tarry in your presence make me untouchable I’m Jesus name

7.Father , please help me to please you in all I do so that I will reign with you eternally in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers in Jesus name.

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