Almighty God I thank You

Almighty God, I thank You for each and everyday, I thank You for Your tender mercies and loving kindness, I thank You for giving me family and friends to share joys with.

I pray this morning that You bless my family, friends, course mates, relatives, and everyone around me. Where there is joy, God magnify their joy. Where there is pain or sorrow, give them Your peace and mercy.

Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence. Where there is need, Abba Father fulfill their needs to the Glory of Your Name, Amen.

God made it clear that we would endure hardship in this life. However, He gave us amazing tools to keep trials from overwhelming us.

For instance, He placed His Spirit inside each believer to guide and empower. In addition, He gave us the privilege of prayer so we could not only communicate but stay connected with Him, and also bring Him our requests.

May we never derail from the promises of God but be wonderfully blessed in His words in Jesus Name, Amen.

Good morning and do have a wonderful day.

1 thought on “Almighty God I thank You

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