Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye, Let there be light Part 2 by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, RCCG February 2020 Holy Ghost Service.

Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye, Let there be light Part 2 by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, RCCG February 2020 Holy Ghost Service.






Let’s lift our hands to the Most High God and begin to bless His holy name; let us worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords, let us bless the Ancient of Days, let us magnify the One who reign supreme, let us worship the One who said I’M the light of the world, bless His holy name give Him glory, honour and adoration, bless His holy name, in Jesus’ mighty name we have worshipped.

We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour

Ancient of Days; we give You all the glory, the Unchangeable Changer; we give You all the honour, the Light of the world; we bow before You, may Your name forever be glorified, thank You for all You have done for us since the beginning of this year, we are aware that not all those who said happy new year are still alive now, thank You for preserving us, please, accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Tonight, we are here again with one heart we are crying to You, let there be light in our lives, homes, nations and in Your church. Tonight, Father, do something special, at the end of everything, let Your name be glorified, in Jesus’ marvelous name we have prayed.



TEXT – Genesis 1:1-3
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.





Let there be light can mean, Lord, please, open my eyes. In Mark 10:46-52. When Bartimeaus came face to face with Jesus Christ and asked for what he wanted, he said that i may receive my sight; that my eyes might be opened, that i might have light.

Let there be light could mean, Lord, please, open my eyes.
Ephesians 1:18; we have physical eyes, spiritual eyes and the eyes of understanding.
One of the meanings of “let there be light” is open my eyes of understanding.
If God opens your eyes of understanding, the first thing that you will understand is that life is war from birth till death.

1 Corinthians 15:26 – the last enemy to be destroyed is death.
There are enemies the bible called hunters. 1 Peter 5:8– Your adversary, the devil like a roaring lion is walking about seeking who he may devour, the devil is looking for somebody to destroy everyday.

Proverbs 6:26 – The bible called the adulterous woman a hunter, hunting for precious life; there are people smiling at you that you think they love you but they just want to destroy you.

Micah 7:2 – Even your brother could be a hunter hunting for your soul. The people you think that love you the most could be your greatest enemy.
You are alive today because of the mercy of God, Lamentation 3:22-23 – it is of the mercy of God that we are not consumed.

Proverbs 21:31– Safety is of the Lord not of your charms.

Romans 8:81– The bible says, if God be for us, who can be against us?

The hunters can’t overcome us because of God’s love. Romans 8:37 – We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.

The Almighty God says, if you are not on His side, you are walking on dangerous grounds.

He says in His word, Proverbs 8:36 if you hate me then you love death. You have a choice: God or death. There are many hunters out there; nobody is as wise as somebody who is laying an ambush for him. Many of these hunters know your routine; they know what you like to eat and they may bring it to you in your dream.

The hunters know how to catch you; they know your weaknesses and want to work on it, most of the time, they want to operate under the clove of darkness, that is why you need the Light (Jesus) all the time.

David said in Psalm 23:4, Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, why? For Thou art with me. If you don’t have the light with you, you are playing a very dangerous game.

If you think you have a charm that can protect you there may be somebody that has a charm that can counter yours.

What are you relying on? You can’t fight darkness with darkness, only light shines in darkness and darkness can’t overcome it.

If you have not given your life to Jesus, run forward right now; come and surrender your life to the One who is the light of the world, that is the only way you can be secured. Jesus is the only guarantee against forces of darkness; He is the Only safety that you can rely upon.

He said in John 8:12 – If you follow me you will not work in darkness. Come to Jesus, then you can walk in His light and darkness will not be able to overcome you.

When you give your life to Him, you become a member of His family; a family of light and darkness can’t overcome you.




Cry to God : Please, save my soul, i don’t want to belong to the family of darkness anymore, i need You (Jesus Christ) save my soul, let me become a child of God so that i can become the member of family of light, please, forgive all my sins and i will serve You for the rest of my life.

Let’s stretch our hands to these people and intercede for them: Let’s pray that the One who has saved our lives will save theirs also, that He will forgive their sins and receive them into the family of God.

So, Father Almighty God, we want to bless Your holy name; we want to thank You very much for these people who have come forward who are tired of staying with forces of darkness, they have come to You Lord, please, receive them, save their souls, forgive all their sins, please, Lord God, Almighty, wash them clean with Your blood, write their names in the book of life, receive them into the family of God, and from now on, anytime they cry unto You, answer them by fire, let them serve You till the very end, don’t let darkness ever come near them again, in Jesus’ name, thank You Father, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.




1.What exactly does God mean when He says, let there be light? He means, let morning begin; let there be morning.

Psalm 30:5says weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning. When God says let there be first morning, He is actually saying, let sorrow cease.

In the name that is above every other name, i also decree, sorrow will cease in all your lives.

There are some people who have sorrow every month, 1 Samuel 1:1-20, Hannah was having sorrow every month until one day when her morning came.

In the name that is above every other name, all those who have been weeping every month shall weep no more.



Luke 7:11-16 tells us the story of the widow of Nain; her husband and her only son died, Jesus Christ she said to her, “weep not”. The Light of the world came into her life and and commanded her sorrow to cease.
In the name of the Lord who made heaven and the earth, there will be no more tragedy in your homes.



When one failed and did not live up to expectation. Matthew 26:69-75, Peter failed the Lord Jesus Christ and wept bitterly. There is no weeping that is good.

Whatever will happen in your life that will cause you to weep bitterly will never occur.

In Job 17:7, Job said, my eyes are dimmed because of sorrow; sorrow dims vision, it doesn’t allow you to see clearly or know where you are going. Sorrow weakens; it can make you sleep at a time when you should be praying.

Luke 22:45-46 – Even when the Lord told the disciple to pray, they were sleeping because they were sad.

Sorrow is a killer, the bible says the joy of the Lord is your strength.

The Almighty God will make sure that for the rest of your life you know joy.
Deep sorrow can cause madness.

With all my heart I cry to God for all of you, you will never know sorrow again.
Let there be light means let there be morning and let sorrow cease.




2. Let there be light could mean let there be a new beginning, we called morning a new dawn; a fresh beginning. A new beginning means let there be restoration.

Example of restorationMark 3:1-5 the bible tells us that Jesus Christ saw a man with a withered hand and He told him to stretch forth the hand and it was restored as the other hand. Withered hand means the hand was healthy before but somewhere along the line it became useless, when the Light came into the temple the withered hand was restored.
A withered hand can be physical or financial.

Financial; somebody who used to have a lot to spend and there is nothing left for one reason.

In the name of the One who called me, if there is any hand that is wither here, it shall be restored fully.


Another example of restoration2 Kings 6:1-7, it tells us the story of the children of the prophet that borrowed an axe and as they were cutting the tree the axe head fell into the river. The axe head was useful only when it is attached to the handle, God brought it back to the surface and it became useful. When someone who used to be useful (have an impact in any form) suddenly becomes somebody who can no longer function, he becomes like an axe head that has fallen into the river.

If you used to be useful and now treated as useless, your story will change tonight in Jesus’ name.


Example of restoration, Ezekiel 37:1-10 – it tells us about the valley of dry bones, the Almighty God through His servant, restored the dry bones and the bones became an army.



There are two words: RELEVANT AND RELIC
Relic is the opposite of relevant. An army that used to be relevant died for one reason or the other, and became dry bones, but the Almighty God restored the dry bones and made the relics relevant again.

I prophesy to all of you that are being treated as relics, in the name that is above every other name, you shall become relevant again.




For example, there was a brilliant lawyer that became sick suddenly and could not move his legs, hands and he was paralyzes completely from neck down, the brain is as sharp as anything, he still knows all the laws but he could not move or dress himself, a relevant lawyer became a relic until the Almighty God intervened and reversed the irreversible.

My Father will deal with whatever that has turned you from relevant to relic tonight.




3. Let there be light; let there be beginning of morning could mean let there be a brand new creation. For example, in John 9:1-7 – there was a man who was born blind, but when the Light of the world shone on him, he got brand new eyes.

In2 Kings 5:1-14, when the Almighty God showed his power in the life of Naaman, He gave him new skin; He didn’t just heal him, there were no scars left.



4. Let there be light could really mean going right back to my origin and putting things right there. For example, in Genesis 17:3-5 God changed Abram to Abraham.
There are some sicknesses and diseases that you don’t contact but you inherit. God can go to the beginning and put things right there.

Receive brand new spare parts (parts of the body) in Jesus’ name.
Light shone into the origins of people who were “SS” (sickle cell) and changed to AA.

Let there be light has a deeper meaning; let the siege be over. A siege is laid at night almost invariably. For example, Judges 16:1-3, Samson came to the town of the enemy; he went into the house of a harlot and when the people heard, they surrounded the place at night; laid a siege against him, he woke up, tore open the gate of the city and carried it away.

2 Kings 6:8-16, The king of Syria king was waging war against the king of Israel, he will plan an ambush and the man of God will reveal the point of the ambush to the king of Israel, after sometimes the king of Syria became anxious, somebody told him about Elisha exposing his secrets, the bible said the king of Syria got a whole army that night to lay siege for the man of God, they came at night.

If there is any siege in your life it will be over tonight.
Some incurable sicknesses came at night through dreams.




Let there be light means, let the siege be over.


If there is any siege in your life, it will be over tonight.
Mark 5:25-34, the story of the woman with the issue of blood, she started her menstrual cycle and it refused to stop because a particular demon must have attached itself to her and refused to allow it to stop.


If there is any siege against your family that siege is over tonight.

A man was afraid when he clocked 39 because nobody lived beyond 40 in his family; there was a siege in the family killing all the men before they clock 40, we prayed, he is still alive and well till today.


Every siege that has been laid against your family shall be lifted today.


Let there be light could mean, don’t let my sun set yet, Joshua 10:1-12, there was a war, Joshua was fighting and he was winning, suddenly, the sun wanted to set, and if sun should set, the remaining enemies will escape was, so Joshua said to the sun and the moon “stay where you are” i have not finished my assignment.


Let there be light could mean, I don’t want to die yet; I have not finished my assignment.
It could mean I have not reached my goal.
In 2 Kings 20:1-11, God sent his prophet to a king about his death, the king prayed and wept, God heard his cry, and the same God whose word is forever settled sent the same prophet to tell king that he won’t die but will live for another 15 years.
The king said, i don’t want my sun to set yet, and the Almighty God agreed.


The Almighty God will hear the cry of somebody tonight.


In the might name of Jesus Christ, every appointment with death is canceled right now.



When i was approaching 60 years, the RCCG was in 56 nations, my children were planning to celebrate while i was in agony because i have not reached my goal and God spoke to me while i was praying that He decides when the sun set, that was 18 years ago, by the grace of God, the sun hasn’t set yet.


I decree to everyone of you listening to me tonight, your sun will not set yet.



If your sun is not shining yet, pray that your sun will rise, pray like Bartimaeus, He heard that Jesus was passing and requested for light.


If your sun is already shining, pray that it will not set yet. Judges 16:18-31, Samson’s sun, set prematurely, he judged Israel for 20 years, he could have judged for a long time.
Joshua 24:29, the bible says Joshua lived to be 110.
You have a choice: do you want the sun to set or keep shining for much longer?






They used to celebrate you, but now they don’t want to touch you, they will celebrate you again.


Just like a bird will fly away, your reproach will fly away.



The arrow that came into you by night shall leave tonight.


Daybreak means the day forces its way through the night, i will breakthrough everything standing between you and joy.





1.Thank God who has kept you alive till this moment.
2.Father, please, let there be light and keep sorrow far away from my family.
3.Father, let there be light and give me full restoration.
4.Father, please, let there be light, shining into the origin of my family.
5.Father, let there be light, and let every siege against my family be gone.
6.Father, don’t let my sun set yet.
7.Individual prayer point.



The Light of God will shine for you.
Sorrow will become a stranger to you.
You will have full restoration.
God will put right whatever is wrong in your origin.
Every siege against your family is gone.
Your sun will not set soon.
Every appointment with death is canceled.
You will reach your goal.
You will serve God till the end.
It shall be well with you.
Darkness will leave you alone.
And you will serve God forever.
Your reproaches shall fly away.
So shall it be.
In Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.




Lift your offering and thank the Lord because from now on in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, poverty will leave you alone.
Thank You that i’m able to come tonight and for what You have done for me.




The Almighty God will grant Your requests.
He will answer all your prayers by fire.

He will bless your offering; use it for His glory and you will never know poverty again.
As you go, He will go with you.
Anytime i hear concerning you it will be good news.
So shall it be.
In Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.
Who got the biggest miracle of tonight?
Shout the biggest Hallelujah.

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