Few Hard Lessons I Have Learnt About Love.

Few Hard Lessons I Have Learnt About Love.



Number 1 Hard Lesson, I Have Learnt About Love:
My Mummy will never love me more than her husband – My Daddy!
No matter how hard I try, my mum, will never love me more than my Dad! I have stopped hating my Dad, for stealing my Mummy’s love from me.

I have embraced my lot!

The day it dawned on me, that my Mum will never never never love me more than my Daddy – Her Husband, I cried and cried in my room, in private till I had asthmatic attack.

Which led me to number 2, if my Daddy could beat me to my Mummy’s love, then not my siblings!






Number 2 Hard Lesson I Have Learnt About Love:

My Mummy Will Never Love Me More Than My Siblings:

I have given up; Period! I am the least loved by my Mummy. And I don’t want to live in malice with my siblings! So I hands up!

I have also stopped playing all the tricks in my books to gain mum’s undivided attention, even if just a minute every day!

And my Mummy knows how much I love her! Sometimes she makes painful jokes out of it!

Am done trying! My Dad and my siblings have won! MAKE THEY CARRY GO

This leads me to number 3, hard lesson I have learnt about love.







Number 3 Hard Lesson I Have Learnt About Love:

Now I am happily married!

My wife will never love me more than her siblings:

I have given up on love! Nobody loves me the more! WHY?

Abeg! Just accord me my respect as the HEAD OF THE FAMILY! I am okay with it! Period!

I am too old to cry over petty jealousy!

One per cent love is better than no love at all!

This brings me to number four, hard lesson I have learnt about love.






Number Four Hard Lessons I Have Learnt About Love:
Now we are trying to make babies, and I have been asking GOD for four handsome godly sons after HIS own heart.

I wonder who they will love the most!

Their Sweet Mummy! Or Their Attention Seeking Father!

May GOD help Me Ooooo!




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