2019 Cross Over Service With Daddy G.O. The Battle is not yours. Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye.

2019 Cross Over Service With Daddy G.O. The Battle is not yours. Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye.






Let somebody shout Halleluyah!

Is there anybody who have received daily miracle from God from January 1 Till now, can you spend some few minutes thanking God anyhow you want. Is there anyone who has anything to thank God for. Is it sleeping and waking up, is it the ability to sing and move your legs, is it that your brain is still functioning and you are not in aro, is there any prayer at all He has answered for you through out the year that you need to thank God for, his many times have you slept and you woke up, how many times have you travelled and you came back safe. Thank the Lord.

Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega,
you are worthy of my praises today
You are worthy of my praises today

Text: 2 Chronicles 20:13-15

I must confess that I was a bit shaken when the Lord gave me the theme for tonight when He said am to talk to you the battle is not yours. As I sought His face, it became clearer why I need to talk to you this night. Do not be afraid, I say it again, Do not be afraid again, I say it one more time

The battle is not yours, why, you belong to God, John 1;11-12, Romans 8:15, there is only one begotten son of the father the rest if us is adopted. You are a member of the family of God if you are a christian. You are so precious to God, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 1 Peter 1:18-19. We always say, you can buy anything but you can’t buy a child. God has to send His son, Jesus to die for you to purchase you. I am a VVIP to God. They may not know you in Abuja, your name may not mean anything in Aso Rick, but your name means so much in heaven. You are a royalty, you are His Excellency.

In a family, you will notice there is one favourite child in a family, the parent may try to hide it. You are not just a family of God, You are a friend of God, you are a choice friend of God, John 15:14-15, John 15:13. The Lord has played down His life for you, that us why the battle is not yours, Acts 9:1-11, Zachariah 2:8, He who touches you touches the apple of God eyes. Anybody who touches you us not just touching God but reaching for the eyes of God, that person is dead. That is why the bible says you are more than conquerors, Romans 8:37 because you are lived. Romans 8:31, if God is for you, nobody can be against you, let them try, they will all die.

Things are different now, believe it or not, certain things happen to you during the congress. Things are different now. You may not believe it, there is power in your tongue now. Amen.

What is it that God is expecting you to do from now on;
1. Put your tryst in God, Psalm 125:1-3
2. Don’t be afraid. Let this sink in you. Deut 20:1. One with God is always majority. 2 Chronicles 32:7-8. It does not matter how many people gang up against you, they will fail. Take my word for it, go to the new year bold, courageous, fearless because the battle is not yours.
3. Don’t be afraid because the enemy can smell fear. Fear produces a smell in your body.
4. Get God arise, Psalm 68:1-3. Praise Him like you never did before. In the morning, afternoon, evening, praise Him.
5. Call on Him after you praise Him and see what He will do. Psalm 18:1-3. Call Him by His name, eulogise Him and you will see what He can do.

As you are approaching the new year, remember as you are thanking Him, pay your vows. Psalm 59:14-15

In Conclusion
John 15:14-15. His command is that you have not chosen Him, He has chosen you. He want you to bear fruits for Him. Go to the new year to win souls like never before and make sure they are established.

If you are not yet a member if His family, you have some minute to surrender your life to him now.

RCCG Prophesies for 2020 By Pastor E A Adeboye
Individual particularly RCCG members, its a year of series of Joy, the reason is, it is going to be a year if series of victories by implication, it will be a year of series of battles but you will win but He asked me to tell you in advance, the battle is not yours. There shall be shouts of Joy.

International Scene
The earth this year unless we pray very hard, is going to behave like a child that is having convulsion. Earth quakes will happen in many places that it has never happen before. Volcanoes that are dormant will erupt. Whatever we have seen in 2019 is nothing compared to what will happen in 2020 except His children pray. The reason is sin is more rampant than ever before. Sin is now been celebrated.
This year, there will be changes of Government all over the world. Some of the changes will be peaceful and some will not be peaceful.

Concerning those who are His children, this year, He will answer prayers.


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Thank You Jesus.

Father! In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ Your Son! We Cover Your Son Pastor E A Adeboye With The Precious Blood Of Jesus! He Shall Finish Strong, To Your Glory Through Christ Jesus Our Lord And Saviour! Amen!

May God Bless Israel, Nigeria, And America And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!

May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!

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