Enjoy True Spiritual Intimacy In Your Marriage

Biblical Concept On Marriage

Biblical Concept On Marriage

Enjoy True Spiritual Intimacy In Your Marriage

Our Marriage is forever (Photo by Pastor Davis)

Our Marriage is forever (Photo by Pastor Davis)

A strong, healthy marriage doesn’t just include physical intimacy between a husband and wife, but also spiritual intimacy.

What is spiritual intimacy? It is a sense of unity and mutual commitment to God’s purpose for our lives and marriage, and respect for the special dreams of each other’s hearts. It’s the greatest depth of intimacy we experience in marriage.

Intimacy Necessitates Value, Energy, Sacrifice, and Trust. Let’s explore those four areas as they relate to spiritual intimacy.

Value: “I value God’s purpose for your life and the dreams of your heart.”

In marriage, a husband and wife are a team. One is not more important than the other, and together God uses both to accomplish His purposes. That means a husband and wife must each work to help their partner reach their full potential. They are dream-makers for each other, not dream-breakers.

Energy: “I commit to pursuing God personally and together to find and fulfill God’s call on my life, your life and our marriage.”

In making this commitment, a husband and wife collaborate to fulfill God’s call on their lives and marriage. This means putting in the work and energy. Pray together. Worship together Seek God together. Retreat together.

Sacrifice: “I sacrifice the desire to only promote myself or to worry about myself.”

Selfishness is a marriage-killer. God put us together to build each other up and to work as a team. This can be a struggle because humans are naturally selfish. That’s why we must sacrifice this innate self-regard. We have to set it aside in order to build true intimacy. Put your spouse first.

Trust: “I will create an atmosphere where you can share your deepest spiritual desires and dreams and know that they’re honored by me.”

A husband must be his wife’s safest place, and the same goes for a wife. Each person in a marriage must be able to share their dreams without worrying those dreams will be shot down, belittled, or ignored.

Husbands, if you are not prepared to honor your wife’s deepest dreams, don’t expect her to open up to you. Wives, your husband will not share his spiritual desires with you if he expects you to devalue them.

Dreams are sensitive things. Research shows that most couples’ worst fights occur on a dream level. You may dream of financial security. You may dream of a loving, orderly home where children are valued by their parents. You may dream of a house filled with peace.

If your spouse dreams of her house being a restful retreat but you are constantly introducing chaos into the home, you’re not just making her anxious. You are actively attacking her dream.

Having a spouse that fights against or somehow damages that desire can be heartbreaking in a marriage. Help each other pursue each other’s dreams. Don’t stand in the way of them.

Value! Energy! Sacrifice! Trust!  Exhibit these behaviors toward your spouse to enjoy true spiritual intimacy in your marriage.

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May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!

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