RCCG Covenant Fasting and Prayer Guide For December 2014 Holy Ghost Congress

Pastor E A Adeboye, Daddy G O, RCCG

Pastor E A Adeboye, Daddy G O, RCCG

Pastor E A Adeboye, Daddy G O, RCCG

Pastor E A Adeboye, Daddy G O, RCCG

December 2014 RCCG Covenant Prayer Points





“Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is well-pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.“ Heb. 13:20-21


We are living in a generation when “thieves” and “robbers” who have no values for human lives are dominating affairs of men. Badly affected are the sheep – the innocent ones – whose greatness and successes have been apparently hijacked with no hope in sight. However, our anchor is one of the prophecies sent to us by the Great Shepherd at the beginning of this year through our Father-the-Lord, Daddy GO, that ‘the equation at the beginning of the year will be different from equation at the end.’


“I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” John 10:11.


As we pray this season, we are blessed, we are favoured. The Great Shepherd is in love with us. “Through the blood of the everlasting covenant“, we are secured and settled. There will be great settlement of our spiritual lives, families, finances, careers, politics, religious crisis and businesses. Our Nations shall be great. And, as an individual, we shall be great.




WEEK ONE (December 1 -6)



Let us thank God for He is Holy. Rev. 4:6-8

Let us thank God for the Salvation of our souls. Ps 127: 1-2

Let us thank God for creating the world and the inhabitants for His pleasure Ps. 24:1-2, Rev. 4:11

Let us thank God for specially blessing us in this generation with Daddy and Mummy G.O Ps. 133:1-3.

Let us bless the name of the LORD, for making us members of this great commission. Jer. 29:11

Let us give all the glory to God on behalf of Our Daddy and Mummy G. O for all what God has used them to do to make the lives worth living for Millions of people in our generation. Ps. 136:1-26.

Let us thank God for His mercies on the family of Daddy and Mummy G,O. Ps. 124:1-8

Let bless the name of the Most high God for inspiring Daddy G.O to start Holy Ghost Congress Ps. 32:8

Let us thank God for all the past Holy Ghost Congresses. Ps.145:1-21

Let us bless the name of the Lord for all the souls won for Jesus since the beginning of RCCG in 1952. Ps127:1

Let us thank God for all the children born during these God inspired programs. Ps127:3

Let us thank God for all the blessing, miracles, healings and infrastructural expansions. Ps. 148:1-14

Let us bless the name of the Lord for the work of God that is progressing all over the world in RCCG. Ps. 147:1-6



1.Let us ask for Open Heavens as we start this Holy Ghost congress of the Great Shepherd. Mk. 9:2-12, Matth.3:16-17

2.Let us plead for mercy on behalf of ourselves and all other participants and on behalf of all the Ministers and Guest Ministers. Ps.51:1-19

3.Let us ask God to favour every participant and deliver participant from the hands of the enemy and bless them before leaving the program. Eccl.9:11.

4.Let us ask God to arise and let His enemies be scattered, before, during and after this 2014 Holy Ghost Congress. Ps.68:1-3

5.Let us ask God to open our eyes to see where the enemy is stealing from our lives that is making many to remain in bondage. Ps. 51

6.Let us ask God in His mercies to forgive our sins and help us to seal up every leaking vessel. Ps.51:14-17

7.Let us ask God to manifest His greatness in this Holy Ghost Congress. Ps. 23:5

8.Let us pray that God will remember the barren and those suffering from secondary infertility in this program. 1Sam. 1:16-20.

9.Let us plead the Blood of Jesus to frustrate every programmed evil accident and traffic jam on Lagos – Ibadan express way and on every roads of Nigeria during the Holy Ghost Congress. Ps91: 4-8

10.Let us pray that God will use Daddy G. O, like never before in this Holy Ghost Congress. Ps23:

11.Let us pray that God will help all His children to fulfill their destinies. Jer29:11

12.Let us pray that none shall go back home empty handed. Ps. 23:5




WEEK TWO (December 7 – 13)



1.Let us pray for Daddy and Mummy G O that God will empower them and anoint them the more. Isa. 41:10-18

2.Let us pray that God in His mercy will silence every evil personality that is making the ministerial assignments uneasy for Daddy G O. and Mummy G.O. Ps. 143:11-12

3.Let us pray that God will fortify the strength of Daddy and Mummy G O. Isa. 41:13-14

4.Let us ask for God’s protection on Daddy G O’s family Ps 125 :2

5.Let us ask God to contend with those contending with Pastor E. A. Adeboye and his family. Isa. 49:24-26

6.Let us ask that God to defend Daddy G.O and His family. Gen.12:3

7.Let us ask God to increase Daddy G O and his family generally in all they place their hands. Isa. 60:22

8.Let us pray for Daddy G O’s children that God will anoint them to fulfill destiny and also be in divine health. Ps. 128:3

9.Let us ask for God’s special hand of favour to rest on Daddy and Mummy G.O that they will flourish and never fall nor fail in life. Ps. 27:1

10.Let us pray that God will HELP Daddy and Mummy G O to finish strong at God’s own time. Ps.90

11.Let us pray for Daddy and Mummy G.O that God will help them to break more new grounds in RCCG worldwide.



1.Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Ps.23:2

2.Let us pray that God will help us eradicate Ebola diseases all over the world. Act.10:38

3.Let us speak peace to the constant insurgencies that is going on all over the world, Ps23:2

4.Let us pray against the shedding of innocent blood in the name of religion. Ex. 20:13

5.Let us ask God to remember His love towards the world and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. John 3.16

6.Let us ask God to visit Nigeria with mercy. Romans. 9:16.

7.Let us pray that God will help Burkinafaso to regain her democracy

8.Let us use the blood of Jesus to cancel the covenant of death and destruction of lives in Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, and in all other violent sensitive part of the world.

9.Let us send the spirit of confusion of language into every camp of the enemy where intimidations, killings, burning down of churches and destructions of properties that belong to children of God is originating from all over the world. gen. 11:1-9

10.Let us decree that every gathering to kill and destroy anywhere in the world be frustrated by the Blood of Jesus. Isa. 54:15.

11.Let us pray for Ukraine for peace of God to reign. Ps.23:2

12.Let us pray against wild fire in Australia

13.Let us pray against Tornado and Hurricane in the American Continent

14.Let us pray against plane crash, Shipwreck and boat capsizing all over the world

15.Let us pray against road accidents all over the world

16.Let us pray for free and fair election in all the countries of the world. Ps.127:1

17.Let us pray against fire accidents especially in Nigeria and in African Continent .Ps. 91:3

18.Let us pray against civil war that it shall never rise again in Burundi and Rwanda anywhere in the whole world. Ps.23: 4

19.Let us decree peace upon all the countries that are under the threat of Islamic state. Ps23:2

20.Let us decree destruction unto the enemy of peace in Nigeria and anywhere in the world. Rev.13:10

21.Let us pray that everyone programming death, civil unrest and civil war anywhere in the world be frustrated and fall by their sword. Neh.4:4

22.Let us pray that the terrorists and all other related sect from today should begin to attack and destroy each other continually forever. Isa 49:24-26, Gen.11:1-9








WEEK THREE (December 14 – 20)


December 2014 Lets Go-A-Fishing

1.Let us thank God for all the past Go A Fishing

2.Let us give all the glory to God for the reality of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ to save the world. Matt. 2:1-12

3.Let us thank God for using this program to populate His kingdom. Acts. 2:37-47.

4.Pray for more strength for Daddy G O and all the Pastors, Ministers and workers, that God will use them mightily this December Go-A-Fishing. Deut.33:25; Josh.14:11; 1Chron.29:12; Josh. 14:9.

5.Let us pray for divine visitation during this Decembers Go-A-Fishing all over the world. Ps.111:9; Ps.113:9-10; Jer.20:113; Gen.49:25.

6.Let us pray for the purpose of God to be established in the life of God’s children in this program.Eccl.8:6; Rom.9:1; Eph.1:11.

7.Let us ask God to deliver every captive of the mighty.Isa.49:24-26.

8.Let us pray for full restoration in this December programPs.126:1-6.

9.Let us commit the Engineering department, Choir, Ushers, Prayer Warriors and other workers in all the Let’s Go-A-Fishing centers into the hands of God in this program.

10.Let us ask God to help all of us in RCCG financially as we set out to plant new parishes during this Dec. 2014 Let’s Go-A-Fishing

11.Let us pray against the kidnappers, ritual killers and armed robbers. Ps.124:6 Prov. 15:30.

12.Pray for physical and spiritual strength as we Go-A-Fishing this year.

13.Let us cover every participant in this Dec. Let’s Go-A-Fishing in the blood of Jesus and also decree that there shall be no death






WEEK FOUR (December 21 – 27)                                                                                                                                    



1.Thank God for His mercy throughout this year 2014 that is rounding off. Ps .150

2.Let us bless the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the success recorded so far in the previous months of this year 2014. Ps. 127:1

3.Let us lift up the name of the Most High God for not allowing people to go empty handed in all the previous meetings in our churches and in the Camp. Ps124:1-8

4.Thank God for all what He is going to do the oncoming New Year, 2015. Pray that God will release the grace of Obedience into His church in 2015. John 15:1 – 2

5.Let us ask God to make His people more fruitful this year 2015. John 15:2

6.Let us pray that God will purge His church this Year 2015. John 15:2

7.Let us pray that God will fortify the spiritual strength of His people in RCCG and make them to continue in faith in 2015. John 15:5

8.Let us pray against spiritual death of souls in 2015. Ps23:3

9.Let us pray against financial death and bankruptcy and also pray for financial promotion in the life of members of RCCG in 2015. Ps.1:3

10.Let us ask God for more commitment in following up the saved souls in 2015. John 15:16

11.Let us pray against anything that will bring enmity between God and His people in 2015. Rom 6:1

12.Sin is a major agent of barrenness and financial failure; Let us ask for the grace of saying NO to any form of sinful nature in 2015.Rom. 6:1

13.Let us ask for Light so that every program of the enemy can be revealed to us in 2015 Gen 1:3

14.Ask God to open the eyes of His people to the principle of abundant life and fruitfulness in 2015. Prov. 3:5 – 10

15.Lord, anoint your people to multiply greatly in 2015.

16.According to your word, Lord Jesus, make your church exceedingly fruitful in 2015. Gen 12:1 – 3, Gen 26:12 – 13, Gen 30:43, Gen 28:3 – 4

17.Bless your people in this 2015 ‘O LORD and send the arrow of barrenness back to the sender. Gen 27:27 – 29, Gen 12:3

18.God of Hannah, arise and fight for those that the people are calling barren and bless them with children in 2015. I Sam 1:1 – 28, 2:1 – 11


WEEK FIVE (December 28- 31)



1.Thank God because you are still alive to witness Dec. 2014 Holy Ghost Congress. Ps. 150; Ps 145: 1 – 21

2.Thank God for not allowing the enemy to cage you and yours Ps. 124: 1 – 8

3.Thank God for providing for you Ps. 23: 1 – 6

4.Thank God for you are still alive and healthy to praise, His Holy name. Bless the name of the Lord for His mercies over your life. Ps. 136: 1 – 26

5.Plead for Mercy Ps. 51:1- 14

6.Ask for the grace of brokenness Ps.15:1-6

7.Ask God to help you stop your leaking vessel Ps.40:1-2

8.Pray to God to endow your home with the grace of rapid and steady progress Ps. 125:1 – 5

9.Ask God to give you a new song as you enter into 2015 and say bye to this present 2014

10.Pray to God to reward your holiness with blessing Ps. 128:1 – 6

11.Thank God for answered prayers Ps. 20: 1 – 9

12.Thank God for full restoration Joel 2: 25 – 27; Ps. 126: 1 -6










May God Bless Nigeria, America And Israel And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!


May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!







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