My Mother’s Prayers, Based On Daily Insights, By Bill Bright.

My Mother’s Prayers, Based On Daily Insights, By Bill Bright.

“Look up into the heavens. Who created all the stars? He brings them out one after another, calling each by its name.”
(Isaiah 40:26)
As a young man, I was a materialist and humanist. To me at that time, success in life was measured by the accumulation of material possessions, honours, applause, and the praise of men.

The idea of God, or a Saviour, or the Bible, had little place in my life. All through high school, college and in graduate school, on the extension faculty of Oklahoma State University, and later as a businessman in Hollywood, California, where as a young man I developed my own business, I was motivated by selfish goals and materialistic pursuits.

Then one day I sensed that unseen hand of God in my life. I can only describe it as a sovereign visit from God. God and my mother’s prayers caught up with me. I was drawn to the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

It was there that I heard about the great Creator God of the universe. Simultaneously, I discovered that my head had been in the sand — the sand of mundane, selfish interests and temporal pursuits.

But there at that wonderful church in Hollywood, I was moved to look up, beyond my microscopic world, at the wonder of creation, behind which was an obvious Creator. And one day I met this One who, according to the Bible, came to this earth in the greatest act of love the world would ever has ever known. He is Jesus of Nazareth, God’s only Son.

My life has never been the same since I surrendered my life to Him.

Have you ever fully surrendered to God? Until you surrender unconditionally, you will never experience the incredible adventure God offers you. If you haven’t already, why don’t you take the first step today—surrender.

Because God is sovereign,
I will joyfully submit to His will.

May God Bless Nigeria, America And Israel And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!

May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!




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