Awakened To God’s Favour.

English: The Last Supper of Jesus Christ

English: The Last Supper of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Awakened To God’s Favour.

Luke 1:26-30, 38.

“Now In The Sixth Month The Angel Gabriel Was Sent By God To A City Of Galilee Named Nazareth, To A Virgin Betrothed To A Man Whose Name Was Joseph, Of The House Of David. The Virgin’s Name Was Mary. And Having Come In, The Angel Said To Her, ‘Rejoice, Highly Favoured One, The Lord Is With You; Blessed Are You Among Women!’ But When She Saw Him, She Was Troubled At His Saying, And Considered What Manner Of Greeting This Was. Then The Angel Said To Her, “Do Not Be Afraid, Mary, For You Have Found Favour With God… Then Mary Said, ‘Behold The Maidservant Of The Lord! Let It Be To Me According To Your Word.’ And The Angel Departed From Her.”

When The Knock Of Favour Came At Mary’s Door, She Said “Let It Be To Me According To Your Word.” When Favour Comes To Our Lives, It Can Sometimes Will Allude Our Senses. That’s Why God Sent His Word To Mary Through Gabriel; So That She Would Be Awakened To The Favour She Had Found With God.

Favour And Fear:

The Angel Said To Mary, “Do Not Be Afraid,” Because Many Times Fear And Favour Will Be Found Inhabiting The Same Space At The Same Time. You Will Find Breakthrough And Trial Knocking On Your Door At The Same Time. There Will Be Something That Could Cause You To Fear, And At The Same Moment There Could Be Something Facing You That Should Cause You To Rejoice. But The Angel Tells Mary Not To Be Afraid, Showing That Fear Is A Choice.

Our Life Is Not Defined By What Happens To Us, But Rather How We Respond To What Happens To Us. We May Not Be Able To Control What Happens To Us, But We Can Control Our Responses. God Told His People, “Now I Place Before You Life And Death, Choose Life…” (Deut. 30). We Must Choose Not To Give Time Or Space To Fear. Once Fear Is Let Off Its Leash, It Will Not Stop Until It Has Consumed Every Ounce Of Your Emotion, Mind And Will. It Will Obstruct Your Vision And Consume Your Thoughts.

The Wind Is Blowing:

Fear May Be Knocking At Your Door, But You Must Know That Favour Is Also Knocking At Your Door. The Israelites Experienced This At The Edge Of The Red Sea. Behind Them, The Egyptian Army Was Poised To Take Them Out, And In Front Of Them, The Red Sea Lay Like An Impassable Boundary. But While The Fear Of The Egyptians Clawed At Their Hearts, The Wind Of God’s Favour Was Blowing Back The Red Sea.

Another Reason It May Be Hard To Discern Favour At Work In Our Lives Is That Favour Is Progressive; It May Take Some Time Before We See The Evidence Of Favour At Work. The Wind That Blew The Waters Back All Night For The Israelites Was Blowing From The East. They Were On The West. So It’s Possible That They Didn’t See Much Until It Was Nearly Finished. But Regardless Of Whether They Could See It Or Not, It Was Blowing, And It Was Working Its Way Towards Them.

Those Who Have Been Through A Long Night Season, Do Not Be Afraid! The Wind Has Been Blowing, And It’s Working Its Way Towards You. You May Not See It, But It Is Blowing.

Stand Still And See The Salvation Of The LORD.

Could God Be Opening Up Something In Front Of You That Fear Is Blocking Your Ability To Perceive? Fear Almost Caused Joseph To Put Away Favour. But The Angel Came To Him And Said, “Don’t Be Afraid To Take Mary As Your Wife.” If He Had Allowed It, Fear Would Have Caused Him To Walk Away From The Very Miracle God Was Working In His Life. Fear Will Do This. But We Must Not Allow Fear To Drive Us Away From The Place Of God’s Favour. Like Moses Said To The Israelites, “Do Not Be Afraid. Stand Still, And See The Salvation Of The Lord…” (Ex. 14:13)

Be Careful Of Any Action Motivated By Fear. Fear Will Cause You To Make A Decision That Will Put Away The Very Thing God Has Put In Your Life. But Stand Still, And You Will See The Deliverance Of God. If You Stand Still, You Will See The Favour That Has Been Working Its Way Towards You In The Night Season.

When God Begins To Open The Doors Of Favour In Your Life, Things May Appear To Get Worse Before They Get Better. But You Must Know Trouble Is Part Of The Process Of Favour. The Fall Of The Eaglet From The Nest Is A Necessary Trouble For Its Learning To Fly. So If You Run From Your Trouble You May Be Running From The Door To Your Favour.

There May Be Trouble, But Don’t Be Afraid. Stand Still, For The Wind Is Blowing.

May God Bless Nigeria, America And Israel And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!


May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!




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