I Will Meditate On The Glorious Splendour Of Your Majesty, And On Your Wondrous Works. (Psalm 145:5)

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I Will Meditate On The Glorious Splendour Of Your Majesty, And On Your Wondrous Works. (Psalm 145:5)


My King, Everywhere I Look I See You Working.  You Are In The Rays Of The Sun When I Wake Up In The Morning, And You Are In The Cool Breeze At Night As I Prepare To Sleep.  You Are Always At Work Attempting To Reveal Yourself By Showing Us What It Is You Want To Be For Us.

No Matter Where We Wander, Or How Far We Drift Away, You Reach Out And Find A Way To Make Your Presence Felt.  We Are Fools If We Think There Is Anywhere We Can Go To Hide.  You Are Our True Father – Loving, Kind And Relentlessly Persistent.

You Know Our Needs Before We Do – And You Make A Way For Us To Navigate The Rocky Paths We Sometimes Encounter.  You Are Real And Intimately Personal With Each One Of Us.  You Never Overlook A Single One Of Your Children.  For Those Who Simply Desire To Follow You, You Always Respond – In Spite Of Our Weaknesses.

Every Situation In Our Life Is About You Wanting To Reveal Yourself To Us.  You Make It Possible For Us To See A Part Of Ourselves We Could Have Never Imagined.  You Have Designed Every One Of Our Circumstances, So We Could See You In A Way We Would Not Have Been Able To Do In Any Other Situation.  You Make It Clear Your People Must Come Into A Deeper Understanding Of WHO You Truly Are – So They Can Both Journey Into The Miraculous – As Well As Survive The “Dark Night Of The Soul” Moments

For Those Who Are Asking Why You Chose Them, I Pray They Would Come To Understand The Fullness Of All Of Your Great Promises Towards Them.  You Are Clearly Shaping And Molding Them For Your Purposes.  Help Them To Remember That Your Plan Involves Our Believing You Are WHO You Say You Are, And You Do What You Say You Do!

From This Place Of Faith, There Is No Ending To What You Can Accomplish In A Surrendered Soul’s Life.  Whatever We Need In This Life You Provide.  You Are Generous Without Fault.  You Are Big And We Are Small – You Are Strong And We Are Weak – It Is What It Is – And We Are Blessed Because Of It!

Thank You Heavenly Father That No Matter How Weak We Become, Your Faithfulness Endures Forever.  You Faithfully Hold On To Us In The Cold Dark Of Night – And You Push Us Out Ahead Of You In The Warmth Of The Day!  Our Hope Is In You!  Our Greatest Desire Is To Live According To Your Word – Seeing Your Will Being Done On This Earth As It Is Done In Heaven.

I Choose To Believe You.  I Choose To Trust You.  I Choose To Walk In The “Shelter Of My Most High God” – And To “Soar On Eagles Wings”.  Wherever You Lead, I Will Follow – Whenever I Fall, I Know You Will Be There To Pick Me Up.

Thank You Heavenly Father For The Joy And The Peace I Feel As I Pray This Prayer.  Thank You That I Know When I Put My Hope In You I Will Not Be Disappointed.  Thank You That The Sense Of Wonder And Awe You Give Me Is Your Special Blessing In Christ Jesus! Amen!

We Need To Be Prepared To Be Amazed.  We Need To Laugh More And Worry Less.  The Only Way We Will Get There Is To Develop A Sense Of Awe And Wonder About The God We Serve.  God Waits To Release Faith In Us So We Can See His Truths And His Promises – And Be At Peace.  As We Begin To Grasp His Majesty And The “Splendor” Of His Love For Us, We Should Come Into A Place Of Deep Trust And Dependency.  We Are His Beloved.  He Sees Us As Beautiful – He Sees Us As His Bride.  As Hard As It Is For Us To Believe, It Is True That We Have Stolen His Heart.  Part Of Meditating On His Glorious Splendor Is Coming To Understand How He Sees You.  He Wants You To Dream About Him, Worship Him, And In A Sense Come To A Complete Dependency On Him That Only He Can Unwrap For You.  He Will Never Leave You Or Forsake You!  His Love For You Is Unconditional.  How Amazing Is That!  Hallelujah!

May God Bless Nigeria, America And Israel And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!


May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!

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